“Negotiation Skills” by PLAY Business School (JUN 6 – 17H30 A 20H30)

Negotiation: Your tool to make great deals

One of the key skills that any businessman/woman, marketer or salesman is required to develop in their career is Negotiations skill. Conflict is an integral part of any transaction and the ability to smoothly transition from a conflict to an agreement zone with minimal damage can save businesses with time and money.




Girishan Karthik Chandraiah is a Lead Data Engineer with a bank in US focusing on various strategic data within the company. Girishan has over 8 years of experience as a transformation and data consultant in Financial Services including Commercial and Retail Lending, Payment Services, Investment Services, and Transportation Finance Integration. Prior to his current experience, he was a Principal Consultant at a global financial consulting group. Girishan holds a Master’s degree in Financial and Risk Engineering from New York University, and Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from ICFAI University, India.


What will the participant learn?

The participants will learn the stages of negotiation, types of negotiation and top influence behaviors. Girishan will share his experience of negotiation for entrepreneurs learn how to close fair deals with providers, clients and investors.


Material or resources needed

Todos necesitan traer sus laptops


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